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Take Action Now!

Senate Bill 9:  Can this bill affect your massage practice?  Take action so it doesn’t.

Step 1:  Visit to find your senator. (From drop down menu choose contact your Rep under Take Action)

Step 2: Choose Illinois Senate and type in your address.

Step 3: Call or email the Representative listed and use the talking points below.

“I am ___________ calling on behalf of over 3800 AMTA members and 11,500 licensed massage therapist in the state of Illinois to respectfully request that LMT’s be exempted from the taxable services, defined as a personal care service in Senate Bill 9.”

Point 1:  Massage Therapy is the only licensed healthcare profession which is included in the bill as a taxable personal care service.

Point 2: NO other profession covered by the Medical Practice Act is included in this Bill.

Point 3: To designate one healthcare profession as a taxable personal care service over another would be considered unfair and discriminatory against that profession.

Point 4: To include Massage Therapy in a “personal care service” category rather than a “medical/healthcare” category would completely defy the intent of the Massage Therapy Practice Act as well as a Medical Practice Act, which clearly articulates this is a healthcare profession.

Point 5: Massage therapist who operate independently are being discriminated against in this bill, as massage therapist who are employed by physicians are chiropractors are exempt in this amendment.

Point 6: The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ employment report for March 2016 indicate the job growth in healthcare, including massage therapy, average of 37,000 jobs per month over the 12 month period from March 2015 to March 2016.